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Product names

The product names are written as follows: Pronto DC, Joker RT, Maestro SV.
The product family (e.g. Pronto) in small letters - only the initial is a capital letter, the type (e.g. DC) in capital letters.

The only exception is the logotype on the machines which is in capital letters.

Company names

The company name HORSCH is always written in capital letters, unless it refers to the family name, e.g. Mrs Cornelia Horsch or the Horsch family.

This is also true for the company name LEEB. In connection with the company name HORSCH LEEB Application Systems GmbH it is written in CAPITAL LETTERS. In connection with the family name, e.g. Mr Theo Leeb, but also in connection with the machine names Leeb PT, Leeb GS und Leeb LT Leeb – similar to all product names – is written in lower cases.

Please pay attention to the fact that HORSCH and the following word must never be connected with a hyphen (example: wrong: HORSCH-Service, correct: HORSCH Service).

Spelling List

german english
3-balkig 3-bar
3-fach triple
3-Punkt (Anbau) 3-point (linkage)
3-reihig 3-row
german english
AgroGanic AgroGanic
AgroVation AgroVation
AirSpeed AirSpeed
AirVac AirVac
AluClip AluClip
AutoForce AutoForce
AutoLine AutoLine
AutoSelect AutoSelect
AutoSteering AutoSteering
BoomControl BoomControl
BoomControl Eco BoomControl Eco
BoomControl Pro BoomControl Pro
BoomSight BoomSight
Bypass System Bypass system
ClipOn ClipOn
ComfortDrive ComfortDrive
CommanderBox CommanderBox
ContinuousCleaningSystem ContinuousCleaningSystem
ContourFarming ContourFarming
CoverCrush CoverCrush
Cracker Packer Cracker packer
Crossbar (die) Crossbar
CurveControl CurveControl
D.Lab D.Lab
DiscSystem Scheibe DiscSystem disc
Distance Control Distance Control
Doppel double
Doppel RingFlex Packer double RingFlex packer
Doppel RollPack Packer double RollPack packer
DoubleCage Packer DoubleCage packer
DoubleDisc Packer DoubleDisc packer
DoubleShot Schar DoubleShot coulter
DrillManager DrillManager
Duett Schar Duett coulter
Duett Säschar Duett coulter
DuoDrill DuoDrill
german english
Eco Eco
Eco ProfiClean System Eco ProfiClean System
EdgeOn EdgeOn
ErgoCommmand ErgoCommand
ErrorCode ErrorCode
ExaCut ExaCut
FarmFlex Packer FarmFlex packer
FertiProf FertiProf
Fingerdruckrolle finger press wheel
FlexBoot FlexBoot
FlexCut FlexCut
FlexGrip FlexGrip
Grain & Fertiliser oder G & F (wenn es als Langform bereits vorher im Text erwähnt wurde) Grain & Fertiliser or G & F (if the long version has already been mentioned in the text)
HighPowerGear HighPowerGear
HM Scharspitze HM coulter point
HM+ Scharspitze HM+ coulter point
HorschConnect HorschConnect
HORSCH Federzinken HORSCH spring tine
HORSCH RowControl Verteilerturm HORSCH RowControl distribution tower
HORSCH SingularSystem mit dem Funck-Dosierer HORSCH SingularSystem with the Funck metering device
Hybrid-Landwirtschaft hybrid farming
german english
I-Manager I-Manager
Krümelwerkzeug crumbling tool
LD Schar LD coulter
LD Plus Schar LD Plus coulter
Load Sensing Load Sensing
german english
Mikrogranulat micro-granular compound
MiniDrill MiniDrill
MobileControl MobileControl
MotionControl MotionControl
MainTankSupply oder MainTankSupply MTS oder MTS (wenn es als Langform bereits vorher im Text erwähnt wurde) MainTankSupply or MainTankSupply MTS or MTS (if the long version has already been mentioned in the text)
MulchGrip MulchGrip
MulchMix MulchMix
MultiControl MultiControl
MultiSelect MultiSelect
NightLight NightLight
NozzlePlugControl oder NozzlePlugControl NPC oder NPC (wenn es als Langform bereits vorher im Text erwähnt wurde) NozzlePlugControl or NozzlePlugControl NPC or NPC (if the long version has already been mentioned in the text)
OptiCover OptiCover
OptiGear OptiGear
Optipack Optipack
OptiRoll OptiRoll
ParaDisc ParaDisc
Parallel Tracking Parallel Tracking
PartFinder PartFinder
PowerDisc PowerDisc
PowerFill PowerFill
PowerGear PowerGear
PowerPack PowerPack
PPF-System PPF system
PrecisionCalibrationSystem oder PrecisionCalibrationSystem PCS oder PCS (wenn es als Langform bereits vorher im Text erwähnt wurde) PrecisionCalibrationSystem or PrecisionCalibrationSystem PCS or PCS (if the long version has already been mentioned in the text)
PrecisionSpray PrecisionSpray
PrePlan PrePlan
ProfiBio ProfiBio
ProfiClean ProfiClean
german english
Reifenpacker tyre packer
RingFlex Packer Ringflex packer
RollCut Packer RollCut packer
RollFlex Packer RollFlex packer
RollPack Packer RollPack packer
RowControl RowControl
RowControl Verteilerturm RowControl distribution tower
RowLift RowLift
S-Box S-box
SectionBox SectionBox
SectionControl SectionControl
Seed on Demand Seed on Demand
SeedControl SeedControl
SingleDisc SingleDisc
SingularSystem SingularSystem
SmartCan SmartCan
SmartClip SmartClip
SoftRide SoftRide
SplitRow SplitRow
SpotSpraying SpotSpraying
Stabwalze cage drum roller
Stacheldruckrolle spike press wheel
SteelDisc Packer SteelDisc packer
SteelFlex Packer SteelFlex packer
StripTill StripTill
SupportView SupportView
Tank Control Tank Control
TaskController TaskController
TerraCut TerraCut
TerraGrip TerraGrip
TerraGrip Zinken TerraGrip tine
ThinEdge ThinEdge
TopRing Packer TopRing packer
Track Leader Track Leader
Trapezringpacker trapeze ring roller
Tripletank triple tank
TurboDisc TurboDisc
TurboEdge TurboEdge
TurboEdge Schar TurboEdge coulter
german english
ULD+ Schar ULD+ coulter
Ultra ThinEdge Ultra ThinEdge
VariableFrame VariableFrame
VariableRate VariableRate
WideEdge WideEdge
Winterpacker winter packer
WorkLight WorkLight
Zahnpacker tooth packer
Prounoun Machine
DER Airseeder, Cruiser, Cura, Finer, Focus, Fortis, Leeb CT, Leeb FT, Leeb PT, Leeb VL, Leeb VN, Leeb VT, Leeb Xeric, Mono, Partner, Shuttle, Sprinter, Terrano, Tiger, Titan, Transformer
DIE Avatar, Crossbar, Cultro, Express, Joker, Kredo, Leeb AX, Leeb CS, Leeb GS, Leeb LT, Leeb TD, Maestro, MiniDrill, Pronto, Serto, Solus, Taro, Versa